Anaerobic Digestion



Utilizing existing infrastucture 



Energy savings and nutrient recovery

Food and Beverage


Landfill Free and Certified Destruction

Specializing in process and optimized operations


Our offering

BioWorks Energy LLC is a technology leader and producer of biogas using anaerobic digestion (AD) technology.   With BioWorks Energy as its partner, the City can produce eco-friendly biogas for use as vehicle fuel, electricity production, or heating.    BioWorks Energy offers extensive, in- depth expertise in biogas production.    Many human and industrial activities generate a large amount of organic waste that need to be dealt with in an environmentally and efficient manner.  BioWorks offers reliable process and production solutions for generating energy from waste.   We represent extensive knowledge of the entire process, from processing of waste and raw materials to refinement and delivery of the final product.   

Our services

  • Engineering for anaerobic digestion
  • Project Management
  • Turnkey Operations
  • Process analysis and evaluation
  • Feedstock/waste stream screening, evaluation,  and procurement
  • Process laboratory evaluations and research
  • BioWorks Energy's lab is equipped with  lab-scale digesters similar to a full-scale plant. 


The lab CSTRs are used to simulate a full scale biogas process and are a tool of great importance related to:

  • Establishing and optimizing process parameters for the biogas plant, 
  • Determining full scale gas production,   
  • Testing new potential co-substrates,
  • Evaluating and establishing the need for process additives, 
  • Establishing the quality of the bio-fertilizer, 
  • Measuring the energy content in the biogas, 
  • Determining trace components in the biogas,
  • Determining possible accumulation of toxic and inhibitory compounds
  • The need for pre-treatment of substrate or biogas